An experiment in combining Camera+ filters

Following release of the Camera+ v2 iPhone app, I thought I'd dust it off and see whether it's improved. Camera abilities aside (which are great a long as you don't want to shoot native HDR images.... STILL not supported!), the app includes a number of filters which can be used to tweak your images. Somewhat annoyingly however it's not possible to combine multiple filters within Camera+ so should you want to use two or more filters you need to apply the first, save your image & reopen it before applying the next. Could be better really!

Here's the result of applying the polariser & depth of field filters; pleasantly surprised so far :)

More snowy pics!

Lovely views over the fields this morning :)

Cold start to the day - instagram testing

Instagram - interesting filters combination. Still not quite sold on the square crops however..

I really would have expected Dell to proof read stuff these days..


Something missing from the “Buy” now line perhaps?

Perhaps the “u” key is an optional extra on some of their keyboards?

Cold start here again today.

Cold start here again today. Not much overnight snow though.

Not snowed in... but very icy roads around here!

At this point I suddenly became very glad that I’m not trying to drive a BMW (or to that matter, anything “featuring” rear-wheel drive) around in these conditions this year.

Had more than enough of that as an idea last time it snowed!

This year by contrast, the drive to work was remarkably unremarkable – aside from a little slipping around on what can only be described as sheet ice, and immediately after snapping this photo when I tried to pull away. Think one wheel slightly slipped for about half a turn…

Ah well :)

I think I've finally found the answer... To winter roads


After struggling to get a BMW off our drive way last time it snowed, I reckon I've found the answer to being able to get around when winter arrives.

You need a Land Rover, preferably one equipped with Terrain Response :)

Challenge of the day; new radiator without draining the system down

Haven't posted for a while (been somewhat busy!) so thought I'd share this briefly as a guide.

We've been putting the finishing touches to a bedroom, and finally reached the point of needing to fit a new radiator.

On the basis that it's currently rather cold I didn't really want to drain down the system... So thought I'd try fitting a radiator while the system's full.

An updated version of this post is available - CLICK HERE.

Surely the days of this kind of SPAM have to be limited these days?


Just received this via email…

In this day and age, you really would have to hope that no one manages to fall for something like this.

It’s a new take on the concept presumably – masquerading as an agency supposedly working against fraud yet looking for people to supply personal details to reclaim funds.

Putting aside the rather brief email attempting to get someone to read an attachment, surely if you’d been affected by fraud in attempting to respond to another spam email – someone would have the necessary details to contact you?

Sorry for the inconveniences that was rendered to you in your line of Inheritance Payment transaction with some impersonators some while ago.”


Here’s the attachment for your amusement – complete with typos:

ICPC NIGERIA (Anti-Fraud Unit)

.......we fight against fraud, funds delay and impersonation.

Head Office: Plot 802, Constitution Avenue

Zone A9 Central Area

P. M.B 535, Garki Lagos.

TEL : +234 7093880805





Dear Sir/Madam,





This letter will definitely be amazing to you because of it's realistic value.


Sorry for the inconveniences that was rendered to you in your line of Inheritance Payment transaction with some impersonators some while ago.



I know that this letter will hit you by surprise, but firstly I will like to introduce myself; I am (Hon. Jacob Makumbe ) the Legal chairman of "ICPC", (Nigeria's Anti-Fraud Unit).



On the 1st of may 2010, the former President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (Chief Olusegun Obasanjo) introduced a Commission named the "ICPC", (Nigeria's Anti-Fraud Unit) which is duly registered under the United Nations (U.N.O). This particular Commission was initiated to detect fraud/funds delay/impersonation of Government Officials. Secondly, we are mandated by the US Government to Settle foreign debts/fraud victims/Un-paid beneficiaries to satisfactory in other to maintain peace in the world at large and also to create a good relationship with the international bodies.


Presently, we are being paid by the American government in other to avert beneficiary funds delays/fraud here in Nigeria.



So far in this present year, we have settled the likes of (Mrs. Debbie Hargrove, Mr. Michael Wagner , Patricia Norton , Emason Ayers etc).



You are being contacted by this office today dated ( 6th Oct, 2010) because your Case File (A) is the very first File on our Settlement Files Cabinet. From our Intelligent investigations and Probing processes we discovered that you are a victim of fraud/funds delay.


The "ICPC", is faithfully under my governance as the Legal Chairman of the great Commission and to this Authority I took an oath of allegiance to settle all fraud victims peacefully..


This Memorandum is to notify you that you will be settled by the Nigerian Government from our initial Deposit Account. Your settlement will be actualized within 3working days after your response to this Official Letter.



For further clarification /investigation kindly send the below information to us immediately:


1. Your residential address:

2. Mobile and fax number (for regular official contact).

3. Your inheritance funds value:

4. Amount which you have lost previously:



These above-mentioned informations will officially enable us to carry out our verification processes and after that your compensation sum/Inheritance Funds will be Electronically wired into your designated Bank account or through a Diplomatic Delivery Service, depending on which mode you prefer.



Your immediate compliance to this will expedite actions on your Payment because here in this office, we have a lot of listed victims to be settled.


Call me +234 7093880805

Officially Signed,


Hon.Jacob Makumbe

Chairman ICPC Nigeria.


Powered by Information Communication Technology Dept., (C) 2010 ICPC Nigeria, registered trademark.

Google Instant Search - instant results, but have to say I still need convincing...

As you’re probably already aware, Google have launched “Google Instant” – available via at the moment.

I have to say, I’m really yet to be convinced that this is actually a good thing….
Yes, you get instantaneous results as you start typing search terms and that part of the equation seems to work really well.

However, rather than feelings of “euphoria and weightlessness” I’m struggling to see how this actually helps?

The results generated off the first few characters of your search are not going to be in any way relevant to anything you’re actually looking for – unless you ‘re looking for something that can be described in a single, well-used term – “iPhone” for example.

Anything else will need more than one term to narrow down results to something useful, at which point you’ve basically used up a chunk of compute resource and bandwidth to no gain whatsoever by producing multiple intermediary result sets – all of which will probably just serve to annoy until you narrow the results down to a stuff that’s relevant to you.

Far too early to draw a conclusion at the moment – but unless someone can demonstrate otherwise, this really seems to serve little other purpose than securing bragging rights around “who has the fastest search” for Google…?


BT Web Address Help...

Would have been nice if BT asked before enabling stuff?

Seems that BT (@BTCare) have decided to take it upon themselves to “help” BT Total Broadband users when they mistype a URL by offering up some sponsored links from Yahoo.

Glad to see that these are really relevant and targeted to the domain you were looking for!
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More iPhone4 HDR experimentation :)

A quick iPhone iOS 4.1 HDR shot of the field just behind our house in the morning sunshine.

Updated: So who else is having problems with WiFi & their BT HomeHub2?

Update 14/09/2010
BT have now shipped us a replacement Home Hub 2, which arrived this morning. The new hub interestingly is labelled as "Type B" rather than the existing one's "Type A", and seems to be running a newer firmware release. It's obviously a little too soon to see whether this has resolved our problems, but it's certainly promising - with our Vodafone SureSignal connecting up first time on the new hub for example, without needing any specific configuration work... Updates to follow in a few days' time.

Updated 03/9/10 - Comments from other people with HomeHub 2 issues added. The consensus seems to be that the HH2 randomly disconnects all wifi sessions requiring a reboot to restore connectivity.

We switched to BT Total Broadband a couple of years ago, and in terms of the actual broadband service – haven’t looked back.

Living off the beaten path in Norfolk we realised that regardless of which ISP we selected, our ADSL would be provided by BT so reached the conclusion that there wasn’t much point in picking anyone other than BT for our broadband.

As part of the deal we received a shiny new BT HomeHub2, which until the last month or so has been humming along nicely providing 802.11n WIFI services as it should.

Most of the devices on our network are connected via WiFi with the exception of a Vodafone Suresignal, which was instrumental in spotting what seems to be a sizable problem with the HomeHub2 on its latest firmware.

At least once a day, we’ve been seeing the hub disconnect anything linked to it via WiFi, rejecting new connections or attempts from clients to reconnect until it is either power-cycled or reset.

The first couple of times this happened we’d assumed the hub itself had encountered a problem & just rebooted it.

However, we then realised that when our WiFi network had disappeared WIRED connections were still working fine along with the broadband link – no WiFi access via an iPhone, but full-strength 3G via the wired SureSignal!!

This clearly demonstrates that there’s a problem on the WiFi side of the HomeHub2 – which doesn’t seem to be isolated to one particular HomeHub2, and seems to be affecting many people running a HomeHub2 with the current firmware revision.

I’ve swapped out the HomeHub2 for another HomeHub2 unit without any joy, and tried rebooting / resetting along with resetting back to factory defaults.

BT appear to be keeping quiet despite issues being reported, so if you’re experiencing issues please get in touch to help add some weight to this!

At the moment the only solution looks like replacement of a BT HomeHub2 with a proper WiFi / ADSL router…..?

Current firmware version:

So far, other people have commented:

  • "It'll just randomly drop sometimes, really odd."
  • "I need to restart the hub every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times"
  • "Wifi goes from working fine one minute to not existing the next; usually as you're in the middle of something"
  • "My HH2 has always done this since it arrived 8 months ago"
  • "I don't use HH2's WiFi any more - can't rely on it staying up without frequent reboots"
  • "We had these problems with a BT HH2 until we replaced it with a Belkin router"