Bathroom build

With the flooring prepared, joists strengthened & route prepared for the waste pipework; the first major task in the bathroom build was to install the shower tray on the required mortar base. Given the size, shape & weight of the tray this was no easy feat – and as a result, not many photos were taken during the process!

A weak mortar mix was made up using a 5:1 ratio of building sand to cement, and liberally  spread out under the tray’s position while ensuring that there was enough of a gap around the location of the shower tray drain & trap to connect everything up afterwards. Two lengths of 15mm copper pipe were used to provide something to support the tray between manoeuvring it onto the bed & easing it into place / levelling it.

The tray was then manhandled into position (no pix, sorry!) and laid on the mortar mix. The pipes were then eased out and the tray tapped down onto the mortar to level it. All sounds nice & easy, but probably took around 3 attempts to get it sufficiently level & supported !!

After letting the mortar set/go off for a couple of hours, we then installed the waste trap & connected everything up to the soil stack.

As the pipework was going to be under a tiled floor, all the joints were sealed/bonded with plenty of Fernox’s LS-X joint sealer (just to be sure that nothing could going to leak) and once we were happy, the floor boarding was screwed firmly down to the joists with plenty of “Superscrews” to ensure nothing was going to move… ever again!

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