Bathroom floors

Once the old bathroom had been stripped out we were able to get our first good look at the floor….

… and promptly determined that this was a prime opportunity to remove the old floor boards replacing them with plywood as a much more stable & solid base for tiling.

With the boards up, we got our first clear look at the original plumbing and promptly set about removing most of it as it seems that over the years hot & cold pipes have been extended & run to every corner of the room when they’re really not needed.

The feeds for the last extension & new kitchen supplies also run through the room so this was a prime opportunity to upgrade the hot supply to 22m pipework to boost the flow at the taps as once the floor has been replaced & tiled we’re not planning on taking it up again any time soon.

Breaking out the blowtorch & flux, this task kicked off…

New 22mm hot supply going in:

Quick static pressure test to check for any leaks…

New hot & cold supplies completed for kitchen & extension, along with feed to the new sink & WC positions.

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