Battle won & 2nd challenge of the day!

It was long & drawn out… but the built in wardrobes are no more.


(Start to finish in about 4 hours !)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an over-engineered construction in a bedroom! Today’s flat-pack offerings are positively fragile in comparison, but on the plus side if you decide you’ve had enough of them they can be removed with little more than a strong push.


These by comparison required removal by force with the use of jigsaws, hammers, pry bar, drills & power screwdrivers. Every piece seemed to be either nailed or screwed to anything it touched – along with plenty of bolts anchoring it all to the surrounding walls. I’m sure our neighbours probably thought I was demolishing half the house, but no… just a wardrobe!

Wardrobes out of the way, attention turned to the second challenge of the day – removal of the multiple layers of wallpaper, top one of which was carrying a couple of coats of paint for good measure.

Looks nice from a distance…

However, its amazing what paint-on-wallpaper can conceal…

So far so good – white base coat = nice and handy to paint over…

Move onto the next wall and… PURPLE walls!?

Looks like more white, but with a lilac “feature” ?

Tomorrow’s plan is to get the remaining wallpaper off and  clean up / inspect the walls to find out whether we’re going to be able to “make good” ourselves or if we need the services of a tame plasterer!

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