Been trying out Aperture 3: wow….!

Having been using Apple’s Aperture 2 photographic workflow tool for what feels like a lifetime, I thought that the imminent arrival of a new Macbook was a prime opportunity to try out the latest & greatest version.

If you work with photos on a Mac and have never used Aperture before, suggest go taking a look at Apple’s Aperture pages as until you’ve tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing….

Moving to Aperture from Lightroom & Photoshop made an incredible difference to my workflow – literally shaving hours off the time needed to process RAW image sets – but there were still many occasions when you needed to switch over to Photoshop to achieve a particular look for an image.

From what I’ve seen of Aperture 3 so far, I can now see myself firing up Photoshop even less – simply no need for it!

You can now use an array of non-destructive tools to tweak & adjust images in a ridiculous number of ways to handle most frequently used effects – along with all the usual abilities to copy & stamp effects between multiple images etc.

Being able to process images completely from RAW to cropped & retouched output within a single tool translates directly to shaving more time off my RAW workflow… Fantastic!

Just need the new Macbook to arrive now…. along with the Aperture 3 upgrade I’m probably about to order 🙂

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