First challenge of 2010!!

After spending most of today using one, I’m convinced chemical paint strippers should carry more of a health warning: “do not use if currently alive” or “full-body protective clothing & breathing apparatus must be worn before opening” might do the trick!

We’ve been in the process of restoring the stair case back to more of a wood-like state than it’s previous 1970’s yellowed white look, and today have finally turned onto the home straight.

Unfortunately removing the last few bits of paint has required the use of a powerful paint stripper, advertised to strip all layers of paint back to bare wood in one application.
It doesn’t quite work that well in reality but has done a pretty good job, leaving only a trace of paint to be removed via a palm sander & by hand.

The rest of the wood’s already been stripped using a small armoury of electric sanders… Unfortunately you can’t quite squeeze a belt sander into the corners, between banister rails or into the other assorted little gaps 🙁

I’ve definitely had enough of clearing up sawdust though – will be glad when this bit’s done!!

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