Garden round 2

With another day of brilliant weather upon us we took the opportunity to tidy up & plant the rest of the front borders.

The day started off with a trip to a nearby garden centre to stock up on plants followed promptly by B&Q for more (yes, more!) compost & plant food. Heading home with lots of roses, Phlox & lavender plants we hadn’t quite accounted for the weather reaching 30 degrees outside…!

Fortunately most of the hard work to prepare the beds has already been done a couple of weeks ago, but we still wanted to dig out & clean up the overgrown bed just in front of the bay window.

Getting stuck straight in we cleaned up the bay window bed, dug in 120L of fresh compost to revitalise the bed into something that will hopefully support life & sorted out where the plants were going to go.

We quickly got cracking with the planting, and soon the borders took on a new lease of life – completing the transformation from how the house looked when we got the keys….

As aptly illustrated by how it looked when Google Streetview’s car came to call at some point last year.


So far so good!

The next jobs out the front will have to be tidying up the honeysuckle that’s trying to climb up the side of the bay window, and doing something with the front door & wooden surround.

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