Getting there part 2; how hard can it be to find stuff that matches laminate in colour?

The new dining room is really taking shape now, and it’s finally beginning to look like a completed room rather than a building site.

As the floor nears completion however we realised that we needed to get some door bars to join the flooring under hall door, across the threshhold into the lounge and where it’s going to meet some vinyl flooring in the downstairs loo and understairs utility room.

Off I went to B&Q (really need to think about buying shares in this place) and began a fruitless hunt for something that would match the laminate.

You really wouldn’t think it would be that hard to find some “door bars” that would match the floor – it’s Floormaster ToughLoc laminate which is one of the main lines sold by B&Q, and it’s still very much a current product as we only recently bought it from them & they still have mountains of it to sell.

However…. No exact matches could be found whatsoever, so after a quick whip around a couple of other places selling laminate we ended up settling for something that will hopefully not look too out of place as a temporary fix with a view to replacing them with a more exact match as and when we find one.Although it’s described as “Oak effect” it’s not too bad a match with the floor though there is unfortunately a distinct difference between them.

Impressed I am not 🙁

Oh well…

Still, the rest of the floor should be down by afternoon and skirting’s in the process of being replaced as needed – all good!

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