Google Instant Search – instant results, but have to say I still need convincing…

As you’re probably already aware, Google have launched “Google Instant” – available via at the moment.

I have to say, I’m really yet to be convinced that this is actually a good thing….
Yes, you get instantaneous results as you start typing search terms and that part of the equation seems to work really well.

However, rather than feelings of “euphoria and weightlessness” I’m struggling to see how this actually helps?

The results generated off the first few characters of your search are not going to be in any way relevant to anything you’re actually looking for – unless you ‘re looking for something that can be described in a single, well-used term – “iPhone” for example.

Anything else will need more than one term to narrow down results to something useful, at which point you’ve basically used up a chunk of compute resource and bandwidth to no gain whatsoever by producing multiple intermediary result sets – all of which will probably just serve to annoy until you narrow the results down to a stuff that’s relevant to you.

Far too early to draw a conclusion at the moment – but unless someone can demonstrate otherwise, this really seems to serve little other purpose than securing bragging rights around “who has the fastest search” for Google…?


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