Loving the Canon EFM 22mm at f2.8!

I’m always a fan of shooting large-aperture lenses wide open for shallow depth of field… and for this reason, picked up Canon’s EFM 22mm to go with my recently-acquired EOS M camera.

This is a tiny little lens, which is a great fit for the equally tiny EOS M camera body. Its tiny front element and lightweight construction belies the lovely images you can produce with it wide open.

It’s not all perfect though, and can take a while to focus if the EOSM fails to lock on – it often seems to crank the lens element from one end of its range to the other, which isn’t necessarily the fastest.

That aside, if you’re a fan of shallow DoF images – you can easily forgive it and just shoot!

Moving on from my first thoughts about the EOS M system, it’s still never going to replace my proper camera gear but has become my go-to camera for random stuff & photos of the kids. Its major failing is the autofocus – which is pretty hopeless compared to my 5Ds, but it’s also a ridiciously small & lightweight camera system which is good enough to just grab & shoot!

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