More mountains moved!

Great progress today – starting to feel like the house is slowly coming together now.

Lounge plastering is well underway; bedroom 1 has had all of the remaining mess/carpet tape removed along with the first coat of paint on the replastered walls & ceiling and the remaining paintwork in bedroom 2 completed.

We’ve also made a bit of a positive discovery – all of upstairs bar the ensuite extension has good quality floorboards throughout rather than chipboard.

Does mean that we need to hire a floor sander for longer than thought but also means we don’t need to recarpet everywhere!

A quick test of the varnish we’re looking to use seems to have resulted in a nice finish on sanded boards – which is good even if it does seem to need 3 coats!!

Next steps are to finish off the bedrooms and to get the lounge painted once the plasterer’s finished.

Lots more to do throughout however!!!!

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