Moving forwards

Things finally seem to be building up a solid head of steam & are starting to move forwards….!

Bedroom 1’s new plaster’s nearly dry and we’ve made inroads today into getting the room finished.
The carpet’s been pulled up to reveal a floor that has tons of potential if sanded & varnished; skirting has been stripped & sanded; and loads of extremely sharp carpet gripper bars have been persuaded to part company with the floor.

Needless to say this wasn’t quite as easy as it sounded – along with the grippers the carpet was stuck down with what feels like miles of stubborn & surprisingly strong carpet tape… Took a while to figure out what would work well to remove this and fortunately a combination of a heat gun & sharp scrapers seems to work.

Worked around 3/4 of the room today and tomorrow’s job is the rest – along with painting the ceiling & hopefully a base coat of paint of the walls!

One of the bedrooms is also starting to look finished with fresh paint & just needs the ceiling & skirting painting to finish.

The lounge has also finally been prepped for plastering – all in, a busy day!!




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