Now that the kitchen’s underway…

Next stop was obviously to make a start on ripping something else out!

The house has two upstairs bathrooms, one that’s looking somewhat tired and needs replacing, and a larger “family” bathroom that is pretty new and perfectly usable in the condition it’s in.

The smaller of the two is just the right size to turn into a shower room, so without further ado we made a start on removing it.

First to go was the loo to create some more manoeuvring room…

Capped off the plumbing & drained the cistern


Removed a few rusty bolts with the aid of a blowtorch & hacksaw, and the loo’s now looking decidedly worse than it did at the start!


The pan came out shortly afterwards, following removal of the washbasin & pedestal.


Finally, the bath was the last remaining piece of the suite to come out. Needless to say this wasn’t quite as easy as you’d expect, and seems to have been the one piece of the bathroom that was actually firmly attached to the house!!

Before disposing of this I opted to remove most of the old tiles – working on the basis that catching the mess in the bath while it was there was probably a good move..


With the tiles removed (well, encouraged to fall off !), the bath’s plumbing was disconnected & capped, supports unbolted & cut through where they refused to unbolt… and the bath hauled up & out.

Why is there never more access or space to move under baths….?!


leaving a rather sorry looking bit of floor where there’s evidently been a leak in the past which has presumably not been noticed or ever repaired.

End result – one empty shell of a bathroom!

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