Posting to Ghost using CasperHQ on iOS

Since moving my blog from WordPress to the Ghost platform, the one major issue left outstanding has been an inability to create new posts from either my iPhone or iPad.

Not enough of a problem to be a deal breaker but definitely somewhat of an annoyance.

I’m currently writing this post on my phone using a newly released IOS app called
CasperHQ. It’s very rough & ready at the moment, BUT does seem to work. The app runs on both iPhone and iPad, and offers a usable layout on both.

The editor supports basic Markdown for formatting (no nice previews here!), and has a valiant attempt at image support. It does seem to insist on cropping everything to fit a square though for some reason which rather limits its usefulness. Images also just get uploaded as image.jpeg or image-1.jpeg with no option to rename them.

All in, it’s an interesting starting point and I’ll be keen to see how it develops over the next few releases.

The Ghost team have also been discussing a variety of fixes for using the Ghost editor (and Ghost Admin tools in general) on IOS7 so I guess we’ll see who comes up with a working way of posting to Ghost first…!

Update after more testing – avoid uploading images

A significant problem has come to light however which is that CasperHQ seems to downsample and heavily compress any uploaded images. The result is not great in any way, and at the moment I’d have to recommend not using it to upload images if you care about what they look like.

15 March 2014

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