Things are moving forwards nicely so far this week – and it’s only Monday!

Lots of painting is being done, with vast quantities of raw plaster being covered with 1st coats of paint.

While paint’s going up downstairs I’m taking advantage of a few spare floor boards that had been left in the loft to replace a couple of cracked & damaged boards in key areas – upstairs landing & hallway!


It’s been a while since I exercised my carpentry skills but am starting to think  it’s something I should do more often.

Problem board removed:

Needless to say, they were not all quite so easy to remove & replace.  Seems that whoever had installed the house’s central heating had taken a few shortcuts and fitted heating flow/return pipework right at the top of the joists, immediately below the boards.

As a result cutting boards over the joists was a bit of a non-starter as there wasn’t enough clearance to cut the board without cutting the pipes, and as I didn’t want to create a water feature upstairs I ended up removing the board piece by piece to reveal the pipes – creating enough room to cut the board !

Replacement boards (from a convenient collection of spare boards left in the loft!) were trimmed to size, and the fit checked.

Job done – boards replaced & screwed down. Not worried about the mismatch in colour as we’re sanding back & refinishing the floors throughout…!

Everyone should get one of these tools – fantastic bit of kit for cutting, sanding or scraping in confined spaces.. not too expensive either.

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