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Hello, This is what started as a test post created via Blogsy on my iPad.
I have no idea why I haven’t come across this app before, as it looks like it was released earlier in 2011. Instead, I’ve essentially been actively avoiding use of other contemporary iPad apps in favour of the online WordPress admin tools as most of the other available apps offer a poor & often somewhat annoying user experience leaving much to be desired.

Blogsy on the other hand looks like it could be a promising way to write posts on the go, without all the usual baggage that would usually be required in terms of laptops, mobile broadband / wifi connections etc. Instead, Blogsy gives you a purpose built set of tools to focus on writing, editing and finessing posts or pages without anything other than your iPad.

At first its approach & interface seems a little odd until you realise the sheer simplicity of it.
Split into two sides, it gives you both a dedicated writing tool which focuses simply on text editing (allowing full HTML & providing a set of buttons to generate formatting for you), alongside a rich drag & drop side – providing all the tools needed to visually format & finesse your content.

Making a significant change from most of the other tools on the market, the drag & drop side lets you create richly formatted posts complete with content from a multitude of sources ranging from on-device photos through to content from YouTube or Picasa.

Uploading images from your device couldn’t be any easier, and once uploaded you simply swipe the editor to switch over to the rich side before dragging the image onto your copy where you want it to appear.
Once placed within your copy, you can alter text alignment, add alt text or adjust the size – all without needing to edit the underlying HTML… Unless you want to of course…!

Aside from rich formatting, all the usual but equally important aspects of your post can of course also be edited. Setting categories, tags, visibility, commenting etc are all handled complete with a quick date picker if you want to publish on a different date to “now”.

The only thing it doesn’t seem to excel at (yet?) is altering positioning of images visually once they’ve been placed. In a few quick tests I found it to be significantly quicker to just switch back to the text side, and move the relevant block of HTML to precisely reposition an image – especially if I wanted it to sit before or alongside a specific piece of text.

Aside from this minor quirk, currently Blogsy sits head & shoulders above all other iPad WordPress compatible publishing tools I’ve tried so far, and is something that is actually exceptionally usable. In contrast, most of the others are at best a tedious & painful experience to use if you want to create anything other than text-only content; all but forcing you back to WordPress’s admin area to modify anything.

It’s not quite 100% perfect yet though – there are still some bugs in the app that seem to cause (very) occasional crashes but again, unlike many others apps in this area the developers are actively working on improving the app & fixing issues as they arise.

Highly recommended!

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