Updated: So who else is having problems with WiFi & their BT HomeHub2?

Update 14/09/2010
BT have now shipped us a replacement Home Hub 2, which arrived this morning. The new hub interestingly is labelled as “Type B” rather than the existing one’s “Type A”, and seems to be running a newer firmware release. It’s obviously a little too soon to see whether this has resolved our problems, but it’s certainly promising – with our Vodafone SureSignal connecting up first time on the new hub for example, without needing any specific configuration work… Updates to follow in a few days’ time.

Updated 03/9/10 – Comments from other people with HomeHub 2 issues added. The consensus seems to be that the HH2 randomly disconnects all wifi sessions requiring a reboot to restore connectivity.

We switched to BT Total Broadband a couple of years ago, and in terms of the actual broadband service – haven’t looked back.

Living off the beaten path in Norfolk we realised that regardless of which ISP we selected, our ADSL would be provided by BT so reached the conclusion that there wasn’t much point in picking anyone other than BT for our broadband.

As part of the deal we received a shiny new BT HomeHub2, which until the last month or so has been humming along nicely providing 802.11n WIFI services as it should.

Most of the devices on our network are connected via WiFi with the exception of a Vodafone Suresignal, which was instrumental in spotting what seems to be a sizable problem with the HomeHub2 on its latest firmware.

At least once a day, we’ve been seeing the hub disconnect anything linked to it via WiFi, rejecting new connections or attempts from clients to reconnect until it is either power-cycled or reset.

The first couple of times this happened we’d assumed the hub itself had encountered a problem & just rebooted it.

However, we then realised that when our WiFi network had disappeared WIRED connections were still working fine along with the broadband link – no WiFi access via an iPhone, but full-strength 3G via the wired SureSignal!!

This clearly demonstrates that there’s a problem on the WiFi side of the HomeHub2 – which doesn’t seem to be isolated to one particular HomeHub2, and seems to be affecting many people running a HomeHub2 with the current firmware revision.

I’ve swapped out the HomeHub2 for another HomeHub2 unit without any joy, and tried rebooting / resetting along with resetting back to factory defaults.

BT appear to be keeping quiet despite issues being reported, so if you’re experiencing issues please get in touch to help add some weight to this!

At the moment the only solution looks like replacement of a BT HomeHub2 with a proper WiFi / ADSL router…..?

Current firmware version:

So far, other people have commented:

  • “It’ll just randomly drop sometimes, really odd.”
  • “I need to restart the hub every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times”
  • “Wifi goes from working fine one minute to not existing the next; usually as you’re in the middle of something”
  • “My HH2 has always done this since it arrived 8 months ago”
  • “I don’t use HH2’s WiFi any more – can’t rely on it staying up without frequent reboots”
  • “We had these problems with a BT HH2 until we replaced it with a Belkin router”

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