Website relaunched!

With traffic to this website steadily increasing, I’ve been spending some time attempting to look at how I could get more relevant and useful content surfaced onto the site’s homepage.

After spending far too long attempting to make my old website’s templates do what I needed them to do, I finally saw the light and realised that I was never going to get what I was looking for without a major redesign.

Thanks to a bit of spare time over the festive period, I’ve now done just that and am pleased to be able to relaunch my site today with a fresh new design.

The purpose of the new look is to try and make the site more relevant to you, its visitors – bringing more content up to the homepage where it’s easier to see what’s available and providing a better view across the site for new articles, images & posts.

Let me know what you think – either leave a comment here, or get in touch!

Thanks for visiting & look forward to welcoming you back soon.

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