Bathroom – floor down & shower fitting…

With the subfloor up to spec, next stop was to cut & lay the new plywood flooring ready for test fitting of the new shower tray etc.

With the plywood floor down, the new shower tray was manoeuvred into position and placed on the fllor. All somewhat easier said than done as this is a stone-cast resin tray and calling it heavy would be somewhat of an understatement.

Test-fitting the tray also provided an opportunity to check & mark exactly where the waste needed to be fitted leading to holes being cut in the new floor to accommodate it.

Finally, to ensure that it is possible to access the waste to attach the pipework after the tray has been cemented down, a small “access hatch” needed to be cut out and sufficient additional batons added around its edges to provide something to attach it back to once the plumbing has been completed.

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